Monday, September 7, 2009

Take one part sand, and one part sea...

I apologize for my neglect to the blogging world.  My last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind: moving to Ithaca, cleaning my apartment/house, fellowship training, weddings in Newport, RI and figuring out classes!  

The move to Ithaca went quite well and the apartment is spotless.  My training flew by and I am just now starting to get back in the groove of classes.  Kerianne and Vinnie's wedding in Newport was beautiful and the road trip was a blast.  It is so nice sometimes to reconnect with your friends and discover a new city laughing all the way.  It was a gorgeous wedding and a wonderful day!  It also makes me a bit nervous for all my single girlfriends to begin the next chapter of their lives committed to their husbands, careers and looking forward to the prospect of family.  I however am working towards a different kind of new chapter.  A commitment to service, education, research and extension.  I am very anxious to find out where the Peace Corps is sending me!

Peace and love,

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