Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy as me

I’ve been listening to a lot of country lately on my ipod.  It might be because my partner and I rock out to Russian pop and Romanian folkloric music at work or it might be because I’m missing home or maybe the twangy blues of Alison Krauss has just been speaking to me on a more intimate level lately…
“I still love what I know.
I love to ride alone and sing a song and listen to the radio.
You can ride along and if you change your mind well that’s just fine, but there’s something that you’ve got to know.
Just don’t ask me for the truth if you choose to lie honey.
Don’t try to open my door with your skeleton key.
Some folks seem to think I only got one problem: I can’t find nobody as crazy as me.” – Alison Krauss
So one thing that this experience has made me realize is that I am very alone here and I am not one to easily adjust to the slow pace of village life (here in Moldova or anywhere for that matter).  I know the first few months are slow and that this is the time for me to concentrate on meeting people in the community, learning the language, etc.  but I am going home to USA in one week for my brothers wedding and readjusting after that is going to be doubly hard.  If being in Peace Corps wasn’t hard enough I have decided to torture myself by trying to straddle the line between two worlds.  I suppose this whole experience will only make me stronger, it just would be easier if there was someone as “crazy as me” to share it with but that is why I have my family and friends. :-) Love you all.

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