Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

2010 was just another year for me.  I moved an average amount (twice).  I finished my last semester of graduate school.  Traveled to Aruba and landed in Moldova. I also found myself relying on my family and friends more than ever.  As I look back in all that I have accomplished this year I think the most important has been my increased respect and appreciation for my family.  I have not always been the most excited for family gatherings and usually brought a bottle of wine to help "cope" with the situation.  I think mostly I felt like an outsider in my family.  I don't exactly follow the path to "success" that is expected of the children in my family.  I think it's mostly because the components that I would utilize to measure success vary greatly from almost everyone in my family.  All that aside, I am learning to respect the differences that we all possess and even if I have to smile and laugh my way through ignorant conversations or tyrannical rants, I can appreciate the fact that my family is the way it is and the environment I grew up in has made me the way I am.  So, thank you to my fun and fruity family.  I love you and miss all of you.  Now get yourselves over here and visit me!

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