Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The art of naming animals

Who knew that there were rules to naming animals in Moldova?  I sure didn't.  I figured it worked the same as in the USA... we name our pets with funny names or even human names or adjectives that suit them, like fluffy or yippy.  Well apparently in Moldova there are rules to the naming game when it comes to animals.

Rule #1: You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give animals human names.
Rule #2: You name every animal after the day it was born on and based on it's gender.
For example if a baby calf is born on a Thursday and it is a girl it will be Joiana or if it is a boy it is Joionel.

Now you may be asking yourself how I came upon this knowledge?  Well last Thursday I helped birth my first Moldovan calf.  He is a tall red and white bull born from a very narrow-pinned mother.  Helping with this really made me miss my farm at home, the smells and sounds of the baby calves and working with my family (I know I must be going crazy).  The mother's first milk, colostrum is not only used to feed the newborn calf, the cats, dogs and goats but also to make a special sweet bread which was quite tasty!  Okay, okay, I know you want to meet the little guy... so, poftim:

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