Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adoption in Moldova

I recently attended an "American Town Meeting" at the United States Ambassador's house.  I was not sure exactly what to expect from this meeting.  The invitation was extremely vague and did not indicate what to wear.  Upon entering I received a glass of hot cider!  After an update on the political, social and economic situation in Moldova, the session opened up for questions and answers.  Then we ate DELICIOUS food.  Salads, quiche, pizza and a fruit crisp.  YUM!

One interesting fact that I learned during this meeting was that the process for adopting children from Moldova has been efficiently and effectively streamlined. If you are thinking about adoption please consider the children of Moldova.  There are many orphanages and children trying to make their way on their own without parents and it breaks my heart.  The embassy here in Moldova has tried to make this process much easier for United States citizens to adopt and I hope that this results in more homes for the children of Moldova.  Here is an interesting story about Svetlana:

For more information please check out the following websites:

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