Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Music in Moldova

Music in any culture is a celebration.  It's artistic expression.  Sometimes you can hear it and sometimes the beats and harmony come from within.  The music of Moldova is an experience for sure.  As in any culture the music produced from Moldova has similarities to its neighboring nations: Romania, Ukraine and Russia.  When I asked the student participants in my English Club what their favorite kinds of music are their reply was far from boring.  Some of the students enjoy classical music (yes I mean symphonic orchestral music), rock, hip hop, rap, pop and traditional folkloric music.  In a nation so small it is interesting for the people to have such diverse tastes in music.  Of course the older generations tend to listen to more folklore and more music in Russian and the younger generations tend to listen to more pop, rock and music in English.  If you asked a university student in America what languages they listen to their music in the overwhelming response would be English with maybe some Spanish or French mixed in.  Here in Moldova it is common for students to flip their radio station or ipod from a bit of Russian pop to some English rap and back to a Moldovan pop ballad.  Crazy, right?  Anyway, it was recently published that Moldova is going to be participating in the Eurovision song competition again this year. Eurovision Contest: http://www.esctoday.com/news/read/16310     
Check out some of these interesting bands/singers:
Zdob si Zdub:
My favorite Zdob si Zdub song is: Buna Dimineanta

Sunstroke Project and Olia Tira: Run Away

Nelly Ciobanu:Hora din Moldova

Pavel Stratan: S-o insurat baietii

Fun side note. Today, in the office my partner and Maria Frizerita (the hairdresser) whipped out a songbook of Christmas and New Year carols.  I offered to play them on the piano but then I realized that the book was only full of words and they were pulling the tune from their memories and singing in perfect harmony.  I was surprised that an accordion player did not just appear in the office.  My next blog post will be about what people do in for fun in the winter... 

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