Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is a better gift than giving itself?

Hello Family and Friends!!!

I was catching up on my Sunday morning news by reading the NYTimes online (thank goodness for internet) and I read an interesting article about the D.I.Y. Foreign-Aid Revolution (  The article sent me to a blog which sent me to another website (I love counting my clicks sometimes...) called

This organization is incredible.  It organizes pre-screened projects around the world (including the USA) and allows individuals to make online donations to support these altruistic and entrepreneurial projects.  It's really genius.  It also has a tab entitled "Get Involved" which is for those individuals that aren't able to make a philanthropic contribution and still would like to get involved to connect with organizations to actually volunteer!  The only sad part is that it doesn't list ALL the projects happening around the world.

I encourage all of my readers out there in the world that if you are involved in a project that fits this website, nominate your organization or project to be posted by clicking here or instead of starting your holiday shopping early this year consider the gift of giving as a family to an organization or project that needs your help!

Love and peace,

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