Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ash Garden by Dennis Bock

I just finished a very interesting historical fiction novel by Dennis Bock, "The Ash Garden."  Bock does a beautiful job of capturing the reader's attention with the book's opening sentence, "One morning toward the end of the summer they burned away my face..."

This novel offers three diverse perspectives on the bombing of Hiroshima.  A German scientist, Anton Boll, who contributes to the building of the A-Bomb.  His wife, Sophie, an Austrian Jew who sails on the St. Louis bound for Cuba and ends up in a refugee camp in Quebec, Canada.  Emiko, a you Japanese girl who witnesses the bomb dropping on Hiroshima. Through colorful illustration and historical fact brings these characters to life and allows the reader to walk through the creation of a scientific wonder to the felling of devastation and pain in it's aftermath.

It's a read I would suggest others to absorb themselves in.

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