Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cold hands, cold feet, my office is a refrigerator!!!

I love the winter.  I do, I swear. And I am very glad that I grew up in a cold climate and had the common sense to bring amazing layers.  I have silk long underwear, cuddle duds, winter and summer under armour, thick socks, wool socks, wicking socks, hats, gloves, mittens, down feather coats, and the list could go on and on.  I am to say the least prepared (probably overly prepared).  The sad part is I don't take many of these layers off once I enter my office.  Our only source of heat is a small gas heater located on the wall near my desk, thankfully.  It puts out a lot of heat but it's located just below the windows and on a wall that is not insulated.  We also have 12 foot ceilings.  My partner at work understands that all the heat escapes through the windows, wall and up to the ceiling, but what can we do?  Hopefully this grant I am writing to make repairs in the building will fix the windows, get us a carpet and maybe a ceiling fan.

Anyway, today when I was really cold my partner came over to stand on the heater and grabbed my hands and said (in Romanian) "Wow!  Your hands are so cold, like an icicle.  You're husband will be very handsome.  We say that people with cold hands will have handsome husbands."
My response (in Romanian)?  "Well, I'll wait for him.  This handsome husband."

Everyday, I learn something new about the culture.  So now, I begin my search for a trophy husband.  I better start working out a little more if I think I'm going to attract someone so "frumos." 

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