Monday, February 28, 2011

Woman of the forest

This post is long overdue.  In Moldova, when it rains in the fall and spring people flock to the forests to gather mushrooms. Now the funny part is that we have a mushroom factory in my town and so I asked my host mom and the hairdresser why exactly we gather the mushrooms from the forest when we should support the business in our town.  They promptly replied that there was not an economic reason for this, but rather to enjoy our afternoon together picking mushrooms.  Enjoy?  Enjoy bending over for 5 hours to pick two measly bags of mushrooms?  Enjoy scavenging through the woods?  I did enjoy the small talk with my host mom and walking through the forest taking pictures. Meeting other scavengers from the village was fun as well.  The mushroom picking... well that I could have done without.
Here are some awesome photos from the day:

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