Friday, February 11, 2011

Challenge: Live like a Peace Corps Volunteer

I recently came across a really interesting blog.  So here is my challenge to all of you.  I have no microwave or toaster at home.  Only a stove top and an oven (both gas).  So I challenge you and your friends/family,  try living without a microwave and a toaster for a week!  Please let me know how it goes... how long until you cave or any challenges or funny stories you can share.


  1. I am Moldovan, but with an experience of living in America for 3 years... and now I am back to Moldova, and I can't say that I miss the microwave or the toaster (i could buy both if i wanted). I reheat all my foods in the stove, and toasted sandwiches are not part of my usual meals :) so, it's easy! can i ask, how long ago did you come to Moldova?

  2. Hello Olesea!

    For someone who grew up with a microwave or toaster it can be quite the adjustment when moving to Moldova. I also don't mind the extra time it takes to heat using the stove, however, I don't enjoy using so much gas.

    I arrived in Moldova in June 2010 and I will be staying until July 2012. I live in a rather large village on the way to Orhei. Where are you located?