Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conference in Chisinau

On September 23, 2010 I attended a seminar with my partner.  In attendance were all of the directors of the AgroInform organizations from all over Moldova.  It was like sitting in a room of agricultural extension works from all over New York State.  After some very long and elaborate introductions we ha the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker from Ohio State University.  Dr. Rattan Lal executed a great speech about soil degradation impacts on global climate change and food security.  He spoke about biochar, World Bank and the Carbon Fund, afforestation, water conservation and recycling, cropland management, grazing land management, and nutrient management.  Dr. Lal was a guest of the Alecu Ruso Balti State University and received an honorary degree at their 65th anniversary celebration.  He gave a total of three seminars and even donated an encyclopedia of Soil Science to the university.  I know that all of the topics he touched upon made an impact on the attendees, but they weren't quite sure how to implement their new found knowledge about soil degradation and climate change.  Just the other day my partner was asking me about how we could start a project to do something about "what that professor from America said."  All this week I went running on the roads that surround my town and ran into a lot of farmers making a lot of fires to burn off their crop residue, which to me seems really inefficient. So at least now I have something to research... biochar.  And like my partner said "we can do a project about something that American professor was talking about."

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