Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding preparations

I arrived in the USA tired, jetlagged and with a cold but I had to be ready to help with the wedding preparations.  That’s why I was there early!  After spending the morning at the hair salon getting some rest and relaxation, I drove to pick up my cousin Crystal to go to a seamstress, try on my bridesmaid dress and pay for alterations.  All that I needed done was to have the dress hemmed slightly so that I could wear flats with it and have removable straps added.  What a relief! 

After the appointment, Crystal and I decided to go to Hick’s Orchard to buy some apples, cider and apple cider donuts.  YUM!!!  All in all it was a great afternoon driving the countryside of Washington County, New York and enjoying the beginnings of the fall foliage.

I arrived home to find out that my mother and I were driving 5 hours to western New York that evening to help "raise the tent" and decorate for the rehearsal dinner and reception the next day.  So, I threw some things in a  bag and off we were... on the road again.

We helped with the decorating, celebrated birthdays and had a great time getting ready for the weekend's events.

Birthday party at the Nobles'

The ladies taking over the balcony
Crystal and Jess decorating...

Rella delegating.

Why do so many people in Western New York have unicorns in their yards?

Flower arranging

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