Friday, November 5, 2010

Keep on, keepin’ on

“Everybody needs a reason to believe, something to keep them going. 
To set their soul on fire, to make them feel alive.  It’s their inspiration.
Some find it in living off the land.
Some find it in working for the man.
Some find it with a bottle in their hand. That’s what get’s them through.
Some find it in a shiny limousine.
Some find it in the magazines they read.
Some find that happiness is out of reach, no matter what they do.
Baby, that’s not me.  I found it in you.” - Lee Ann Womac

This song sums up how I'm feeling right now.  I need some serious motivation... a project to latch onto or some sort of distraction.  My host mom is working 24/7 and I do not see her very much.  I don't feel integrated in the community and my partner is not presenting any project ideas.  So, I guess I'll take to the streets with my camera and a notebook and start writing down ideas for potential use...

Any thesis ideas out there?  I need something to start moving forward in my life besides the pages in the books I've been reading.

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