Thursday, November 18, 2010

Worldwide Farmers Exchange!

Today a farmer came into my office and of course he starts speaking very fast.  I have to inform him of my mediocre language skills and then we proceed to discuss his needs.  This guy REALLY wants to learn more about agricultural technology.  He wants to live, work and learn in an agriculturally developed country for a year or so and he wants to return to Moldova and implement his new knowledge.  It's funny that he stumbled in the office today because well I've actually been researching and learning a lot about these types of programs recently.  The sad part is most of them require proficiency in English and this guy just doesn't have it.

Some of the organizations I have found:

Worldwide Farmers Exchange:

So, if you are a farmer in the USA, EU or other part of the world and you have an interest in extending your knowledge of agriculture, sign up to host a farmer from another country with one of these amazing programs!

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