Wednesday, November 10, 2010


From September 27 through October 8 all of the Agriculture and Rural Business Development and Community and Organizational Development volunteers regrouped for two days of conferencing with our partners and then for the remainder of the time we returned back to our training villages, our first host families and our old schools for more language and technical training.  After seven weeks of work and getting to know our partners and organizations we were able to get more out of the partner conference and even our language classes.  It’s like throwing us out into the field (before we are quite ready) for seven weeks and bringing us back in for more education and training.  These weeks were filled with days working with/for my host mom, spending time with my volunteer family and studying new grammar and learning new vocabulary.

These weeks made me realize that we are all kind of just trying to figure out what our roles are, what projects we can try to pick up or dream up and just trying to learn and use the language as much as possible.  So, we are all just kind of floating.  Since my partner seems to be more apathetic with projects for farmers and stresses more of an importance with her close circle of friends… I am trying to find a subject of project that will tackle both.  In the mean time I am going to keep making copies, answering the phone and listening to my Romanian mp3 files.

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