Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hungry Animals...

So when I arrived home from our last big group seminar in Ialoveni today, I heard this baby calf crying.  It made me think of my cousin and how she used to call her family’s calves “the idiots”* because she hated feeding them so much.  I never truly enjoyed doing chores on my farm growing up but I did love playing with the kittens and feeding the baby calves.  Pre and post parturition were my favorite kinds of chores to do on the farm.  Tonight, sitting in my room with the windows wide open, all I can hear are the wails of one or two calves just crying for food and water.  I want to walk around the village with a pail of water and some hay or grain and go feed the babies… but I can’t.  So instead I am going to pop in my headphones and try to ignore the fact that there is a calf or calves out there in dire need/want of some nutrition.  I hope the farmer gets to them soon! Poor thing.

*For purposes of being politically correct the actual nickname given to the calves has been changed.

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