Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am beginning to abhor potatoes

Who am I kidding?  I never really liked them in the first place.  So today instead of peeling potatoes I had to sort a HUGE pile of potatoes into 3 different sizes for storage: large and medium (mare si medie), small (nici mare, nici mici) and really small (mici mici).  I don’t know what my mama gazda is trying to do to my psyche but I am seriously not looking forward to eating potatoes this summer, this fall, this winter or ever again.  I told her how I was feeling about these darn potatoes and she just laughed, remembering that my dad really likes them.  She then declared I should make my dad placenta with potatoes when I go home in September.  I laughed and told her if my dad harvested, dusted and sorted the potatoes then he might not like them as much.  She giggled and then finally we were done.

As a side note I also had borsch tonight which is like a soup that she makes with a chicken stock base, carrots, onions, parsley, potatoes, beets, tomatoes, dill and usually some sort of meat (typically pork or chicken at my house).  Well today I encountered a chunk of fat that I pretty much thought was for the flavor of the soup.  Instead my host mom started telling me that it was pork and that I needed to eat it for the vitamins, yelling at me that it was NOT FAT.  I told her I couldn’t eat fat because I need to fit into my dress for my brother’s wedding in September.  She took it from my spoon added some salt and took a bite and said “mmmm,” indicating I should do the same.  So, I did.  Then I asked what part of the pig it was from.  People, hold on your seats… because last night I ate cartilage from a pig’s ear.  It was crunchy, salty and with the texture of fat.  And then I said “mmmm” and received applause from my mama gazda.  Oh the things I will do for my mom from Moldova.

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