Saturday, July 10, 2010

Test anxiety…

So in any normal academic situation the night before a test interrupts my sleep, I have nausea and am unable to function normally.  Yesterday was such a day.  We had our first language assessment today.  It’s an oral exam with our teachers one on one with two local community members in the room taking notes on their ability to understand what we are saying.  CrAzY!?!?!?!  I know.  So I realized after the test that there was no need for any anxiety.  It was basically everything we have been doing in class.  I have not received my grade yet but I think that I did pretty well. 

The real test is going to be this weekend.  This weekend well, to be more exact, this week (Sunday through Wednesday) we are going to visit our permanent sites and tour the village, our office, meet our host families, meet our partner organization etc.  This is the real “TEST” of our Romanian.  Can we get to our site?  Can we speak and comprehend enough to know what is going on?  I hope that since my village is so close to Chisinau that there are many English speakers… for the purpose of understanding.  I also hope that they do not use English with me regularly as it will significantly impair my ability to absorb and comprehend Romanian.  Wish me luck!

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