Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the road again… to PA?

As soon as I returned from NYC, the next afternoon my cousin and I decided to road trip to her sister-in-law’s graduation from LeHigh University. Our road trip down was filled with laughter and great discussion. During the past year with all of my studies I stopped taking time out to just spend time with people. I was always running here or doing this or that. It’s nice sometimes to just take time out. Crystal and I were both excited to see Brittany and support her for her big day but also to listen to their convocation speaker, Elie Wiesel.


Some amazing tidbits from his speech are below… these were jotted down on scraps of paper I found in my purse, so they may not be exact.

“You cannot forget passion. Not passion for self but passion for others.”
“The otherness of the other.”
“The text of the prophet is filled with passion and worthy of attention. Forever, passion.”
I think these are very important messages not only for soon-to-be graduates who for the past four years have been thinking mostly about themselves and their own pursuits but also for all citizens of the world.

In today’s world we live in an “atmosphere of distrust… distrust of all things. Of authority, of economy and of politics. How can one live if nothing but distrust exists? You must instead trust in trust. Accept authority.”

“What do you do against hatred? We learn what NOT to do. But I ask, what do you do?”

“What is the opposite of love, humanity and beauty? Indifference.”
Be not indifferent. BE PASSIONATE about love, humanity and beauty.

Socrates taught the tragedy of the refugee. Let us remember these teachings in our daily lives.


I found my time spent with Crystal and Brittany to be refreshing and the graduation ceremony was beautiful. It’s nice to be a part of something that is so important to someone close to you. I take a lot away from this short road trip… the messages from Elie Wiesel’s speech, the moments spent singing and chatting in the car with Crystal, and spending time just being with friends and supporting them in their endeavors no matter what they may be. Congratulations Brittany and good luck!

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