Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In a New York State of mind…

So as an amazing going away gift my mom planned a trip to NYC with some of our neighbors/family friends. We went on a bus that was chartered from Glens Falls so we wouldn’t have to worry about any logistics other than getting back to the bus at the end of the day. It was a great day. We ate breakfast at a French cafĂ© and I had the most amazing eggs benedict with artichoke hearts and fresh tomatoes and an excellent hollandaise sauce. The meal made my day. We then did some shopping and got measured for new bras. My mom and I then went to see Lion King on Broadway. The show was amazing!!! The costumes were so intricate and engineered so realistically. It completely blew my mind. The music was fantastic. I especially enjoyed the little girl that sat next to me… she was munching on popcorn then slurping her juice box and singing along with all the songs. At one point she freaked out because Nala ran off the stage and she screamed a little. It was amazing. Afterwards we met up with some of my NYC dwelling friends for some delicious food at a place called Little Havana. We drank more tequila than we ate… but it was good to see Chelsea A, Vikas and Chelsea D. When we got back on the bus the group of us were just laughing and giggling about everything. I am sure the other people on the bus were confused as to why we were so “happy.” I think it was a mixture of our amazing day, delectable foods and copious amounts of tequila from the restaurant. It was a fantastic day trip to the big apple.

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