Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peresecina, Orhei = home for the next two years.

Today we learned our permanent site locations. Excitement abounds.  So to tell us where our sites were going to be located.  We went to the gym at our hub site’s school where what to our wondering eyes would appear but a map of Moldova and our Peace Corps acting director with a pile of cards/list of names.  As our names were called 1 by 1 we walked up to find out where our sites would be for the next 2 years of our lives.  I will be working with AgroInstruire (my Moldovan partner organization), a non-governmental organization that was started in 1998.  From what I understand (from the minimal information in my packet) this organization acts as an agricultural and economic consulting firm for the village, which has a total population of 8,200.  They have in previous years boasted up to 52 member farmers in their organizations with agricultural specialists in beekeeping, sunflower farming, rabbit farming, vegetable farmers and vineyard farmers.  There is also a “Women’s Club” which I would assume is much like a women’s self-help group which also participates in various seminars and round tables.  Working with an organization in agricultural consulting and in a village that is only 20 minutes from central Chisinau is very exciting.  This weekend will be my first permanent site visit… wish me luck!!!

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